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For all you Sydneysiders. You must go.


Lover Mystical Cami Short or Zara Lace Trim Short
Source: Lover, Zara

This is our second Splurge or Steal post. We know we’ve been lacking content under this category but we don’t ever want to post these if we don’t think the steal is worthy.

So! For our second post, we found a pair of Zara lace trim shorts that will satisfy our craving for the Lover Mystical Cami Short (For Now!) I mean we would love to own the Lover pair, who wouldn’t? It’s just a little too steep for us. So, for only USD50, I mean you can’t go wrong with that price tag, D and I both bought a pair each and it’s currently on its way to us.

We can’t wait for them to arrive. We’ll make sure we post some outfit photos when they do.

Celine Large Audrey
Celine Large Audrey
Celine Large Audrey

The infamous Audrey’s by Céline. D’s friend was recently in Hong Kong so I took advantage of her trip and asked her if she could kindly purchase these beautiful sunglasses for me. Unfortunately these were sold out in the black so I settled for these in the tortoise shell. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a pair of tortoise shell’s right?

Now I am hoping that they aren’t too large for my teeny tiny face. Please. Fit. My. Face.

Celine Large Audrey
source: Candicelake, Fashiontoast, Melelle

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