Zara Lace Up heels

Zara Lace Up heels
Zara Lace Up heels

The latest obsession are the lace up heels… and Zara surely knows how to make one realise that they have a shoe problem.

Get on it ladies! Btw, how beautiful is Lucy from Lovely by Lucy, visit her blog for more inspirational photos.

Source: Zara, Lovely by Lucy, Victoria Tornegren


A few posts back I mentioned that I wanted to get my hands on either the Team Wang or Team Philo tee.

According to the Designer’s tweets, the tees are only available at a few places. I’ve listed them below 🙂

  1. VFiles
  2. Browns Fashion
  3. Tuchuzy Bondi (Sydney)

Let me warn you, if you’re from Australia and want to get your hands on these shirts, you should definitely give Tuchuzy a call. The international shipping fee from Vfiles and Browns is ridiculous. Trust me.

ic poppius – instagram

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